Confidentiality of Swiss Investments

Swiss Alliance Group is able to leverage its banking expertise to present quality investment opportunities for its clients. Due to favorable tax and investment laws in Switzerland, Swiss Alliance Group is able to work with many offshore investors who are looking for stability in their investments and a guaranteed return.

Not only is Switzerland a tax haven for foreign investors, but its laws and policies also provide the utmost in investor privacy. Of particular importance to many offshore investors is the idea that Swiss insurance companies do not have to provide information about the policy, the policy’s earnings, or transaction information to the government if the policyholder is not a resident of Switzerland. Therefore, since the insurance company does not have reporting requirements to either the government of Switzerland or the government of the investor’s country, foreign investors are assured the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality.

In addition to these favorable investment factors, Swiss banking and finance professionals are often considered to be some of the most knowledgeable and competent in the world. As a result, investors can rest assured that their money is in good hands.

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Swiss Alliance Group on How Swiss Insurance Legislation Protects Investors

Insurance policy protection legislation is an important section of the law in Switzerland, carefully designed to protect policy holders. Swiss annuity contracts are defined as insurance policies, and, as a result, these agreements are subject to all the protective insurance laws put in place by the Swiss government. For example, a Swiss annuity contract cannot be seized by a creditor or included in the list of assets made available during a bankruptcy process, providing that the policy was purchased more than six months before a bankruptcy process was initiated.

Investors in Swiss annuities benefit from tax exemption, according to Swiss law. Although a 35% withholding tax is imposed on any interest received in a Swiss bank account by a foreigner, this does not apply to annuities. Finally, Swiss insurance companies are not obligated to report the purchase, contributions, payments, or interest earned on Swiss annuities to any taxation authorities, either in Switzerland, or abroad.

About the company: A team of investment banking professionals with a special interest in vacation ownership, Swiss Alliance Group offers vacation owners a unique and stable investment option that is suitable for retirement planning. Working with some of the world’s most luxurious resorts, Swiss Alliance Group has succeeded in providing vacation owners with an innovative investment strategy using Swiss guaranteed deferred annuities.

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Swiss Alliance Group on Vacation Ownership

Many forward-thinking resort complexes offer vacation ownership as a practical and beneficial investment solution for travelers. Vacation ownership is the sale of a furnished vacation property in a predetermined allotment of days or weeks per year. The investor purchases the right to stay in the property for a fixed period, usually between five and 50 years. Purchasers of vacation ownership commit to a one-off purchase price, as well as a monthly or annual maintenance fee. This fee is used for the maintenance of both the property and the common grounds within the complex.

The principal benefit of purchasing a vacation ownership is the security of a fixed price, as opposed to a rental fee, which is likely to increase over the years. It is estimated that vacation owners save up to 70 percent in accommodation costs and that the investment in a vacation ownership pays for itself after five years. Often, the yearly allotment of time purchased can be transferred to other parties with relative ease.

About Swiss Alliance Group: Experts in vacation ownership and investment banking, Swiss Alliance Group offers vacation owners an innovative investment strategy with deferred annuities through Swiss insurance corporations. Vacation owners benefit from the security, stability, and protection of Swiss investments, and Swiss Alliance Group is well-positioned to offer both vacation ownership investors and resort complexes a mutually beneficial investment product.

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Swiss Alliance Group: How to Vacation Free for Life

As the availability of luxury vacation ownerships increases, the Swiss Alliance Group is offering a unique investment opportunity to high-end vacation owners.  Called the Swiss Alliance Group Deferred Annuity, the annuity is designed to recoup the cost of a vacation owner membership.

Simply put, a vacation owner with a Swiss Alliance Group deferred annuity will receive a lump payment upon maturity that is equal to the total cost of a vacation ownership.  Total costs of vacation ownership include membership fees and may also include air fare and other travel expenses.  By applying a small, one-time percentage of an initial membership purchase and travel fees to an annuity plan, a vacation owner can ensure a full repayment of their vacation purchase.

The Swiss Alliance Group possesses decades of first-hand experience in the insurance industry, as well as a highly qualified team of vacation ownership industry experts.  Additionally, every Swiss Alliance Group annuity investment is backed by the Swiss banking and legal system, which is the pinnacle of security and privacy.

For more information about the Swiss Alliance Group, visit

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Vacation Ownership

From the staff at Swiss Alliance Group

Vacation ownership refers to purchasing a period of time for use of a property, generally at a resort or similar residence. This allows the individual pre-paid use of said property, while being spared the additional costs of renting. Vacation ownerships generally involve the price of purchase, as well as a yearly maintenance charge, for a specific period. These products, also known as timeshares, are increasingly popular. Major companies within the hospitality industry, including Fairmount, Four Seasons, Hilton, and Accord have entered the vacation ownership market. In right-to-use ownerships, one purchases what is essentially a lease, generally for a period of a week or two each year, and for a set period—perhaps 15 to 50 years. This process functions similarly to a rental, but the owners of the shares may rent or sell their time as they wish.

The Swiss Alliance Group offers its clients the advantages of offshore investing; its deferred annuity product is specifically targeted to vacation ownership investors.

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The Top Consideration for Buying into a Private Residence Club An Observation from the Swiss Alliance Group

The thought of acquiring a second home comes with conditions as unique as the person who has it. The two most basic reasons are investment and a place to vacation and revitalize. When considering investing in a private residence club (PRC), perhaps the most important factor is that it offers a real vacation.

Assuming that the purpose in buying a second home is to alter one’s regular routine and indulge in relaxing and fun activities, then a PRC fits the bill better than a house and property that must be maintained and managed when it’s used and when it’s not. PRCs come with a variety of amenities, including constant care and upkeep. Additionally, some owners may elect to have daily housekeeping and grocery shopping, even when it’s in use. The most luxurious PRCs even offer chef service, child care, airport transportation, and concierge services.

About the Authors:

The Swiss Alliance Group specializes in matching investors with annuity-linked properties bought as second homes. Visit the company at

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Timing Your Caribbean Vacation

Timing Your Caribbean Vacation

Information Compiled by Swiss Alliance Group

The island nations of the Caribbean region offer travelers inviting climates; beautiful stretches of beach; and numerous opportunities for shopping, dining, relaxing, and visiting sites of historical and cultural significance. To get the most out of your experience, plan the timing of your trip well in advance, keeping these factors in mind:

December through April represents the region’s busiest tourist season, resulting in more crowds and generally higher prices. If you elect to travel off-season, you can experience accommodation costs as much as 60 percent less than those of the high season. The downside? You may encounter less-than-optimal weather or find your resort undergoing off-season maintenance.

Vacationers may want to consider a trip in May, when temperatures average in the 70s and 80s; the threat of hurricanes remains low; and many festivals, sporting contests, and other events take place. While some attractions may be closed, many others offer last-minute and off-season discounts.

While most islands experience hurricane season June through November, the last month entails relatively little risk. Among the drawbacks to visiting in November are the possibility of missing out on a traditional American Thanksgiving and the generally smaller number of festivals and cultural events.

Swiss Alliance Group, based in Zurich and with offices in Panama and in Miami, Florida, provides a variety of opportunities for investment in deferred annuity plans tied to vacation ownership at numerous luxury resorts in Latin America.

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