Timing Your Caribbean Vacation

Timing Your Caribbean Vacation

Information Compiled by Swiss Alliance Group

The island nations of the Caribbean region offer travelers inviting climates; beautiful stretches of beach; and numerous opportunities for shopping, dining, relaxing, and visiting sites of historical and cultural significance. To get the most out of your experience, plan the timing of your trip well in advance, keeping these factors in mind:

December through April represents the region’s busiest tourist season, resulting in more crowds and generally higher prices. If you elect to travel off-season, you can experience accommodation costs as much as 60 percent less than those of the high season. The downside? You may encounter less-than-optimal weather or find your resort undergoing off-season maintenance.

Vacationers may want to consider a trip in May, when temperatures average in the 70s and 80s; the threat of hurricanes remains low; and many festivals, sporting contests, and other events take place. While some attractions may be closed, many others offer last-minute and off-season discounts.

While most islands experience hurricane season June through November, the last month entails relatively little risk. Among the drawbacks to visiting in November are the possibility of missing out on a traditional American Thanksgiving and the generally smaller number of festivals and cultural events.

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