The Top Consideration for Buying into a Private Residence Club An Observation from the Swiss Alliance Group

The thought of acquiring a second home comes with conditions as unique as the person who has it. The two most basic reasons are investment and a place to vacation and revitalize. When considering investing in a private residence club (PRC), perhaps the most important factor is that it offers a real vacation.

Assuming that the purpose in buying a second home is to alter one’s regular routine and indulge in relaxing and fun activities, then a PRC fits the bill better than a house and property that must be maintained and managed when it’s used and when it’s not. PRCs come with a variety of amenities, including constant care and upkeep. Additionally, some owners may elect to have daily housekeeping and grocery shopping, even when it’s in use. The most luxurious PRCs even offer chef service, child care, airport transportation, and concierge services.

About the Authors:

The Swiss Alliance Group specializes in matching investors with annuity-linked properties bought as second homes. Visit the company at

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