Swiss Alliance Group: How to Vacation Free for Life

As the availability of luxury vacation ownerships increases, the Swiss Alliance Group is offering a unique investment opportunity to high-end vacation owners.  Called the Swiss Alliance Group Deferred Annuity, the annuity is designed to recoup the cost of a vacation owner membership.

Simply put, a vacation owner with a Swiss Alliance Group deferred annuity will receive a lump payment upon maturity that is equal to the total cost of a vacation ownership.  Total costs of vacation ownership include membership fees and may also include air fare and other travel expenses.  By applying a small, one-time percentage of an initial membership purchase and travel fees to an annuity plan, a vacation owner can ensure a full repayment of their vacation purchase.

The Swiss Alliance Group possesses decades of first-hand experience in the insurance industry, as well as a highly qualified team of vacation ownership industry experts.  Additionally, every Swiss Alliance Group annuity investment is backed by the Swiss banking and legal system, which is the pinnacle of security and privacy.

For more information about the Swiss Alliance Group, visit

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