Swiss Alliance Group on Vacation Ownership

Many forward-thinking resort complexes offer vacation ownership as a practical and beneficial investment solution for travelers. Vacation ownership is the sale of a furnished vacation property in a predetermined allotment of days or weeks per year. The investor purchases the right to stay in the property for a fixed period, usually between five and 50 years. Purchasers of vacation ownership commit to a one-off purchase price, as well as a monthly or annual maintenance fee. This fee is used for the maintenance of both the property and the common grounds within the complex.

The principal benefit of purchasing a vacation ownership is the security of a fixed price, as opposed to a rental fee, which is likely to increase over the years. It is estimated that vacation owners save up to 70 percent in accommodation costs and that the investment in a vacation ownership pays for itself after five years. Often, the yearly allotment of time purchased can be transferred to other parties with relative ease.

About Swiss Alliance Group: Experts in vacation ownership and investment banking, Swiss Alliance Group offers vacation owners an innovative investment strategy with deferred annuities through Swiss insurance corporations. Vacation owners benefit from the security, stability, and protection of Swiss investments, and Swiss Alliance Group is well-positioned to offer both vacation ownership investors and resort complexes a mutually beneficial investment product.

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