Swiss Alliance Group on How Swiss Insurance Legislation Protects Investors

Insurance policy protection legislation is an important section of the law in Switzerland, carefully designed to protect policy holders. Swiss annuity contracts are defined as insurance policies, and, as a result, these agreements are subject to all the protective insurance laws put in place by the Swiss government. For example, a Swiss annuity contract cannot be seized by a creditor or included in the list of assets made available during a bankruptcy process, providing that the policy was purchased more than six months before a bankruptcy process was initiated.

Investors in Swiss annuities benefit from tax exemption, according to Swiss law. Although a 35% withholding tax is imposed on any interest received in a Swiss bank account by a foreigner, this does not apply to annuities. Finally, Swiss insurance companies are not obligated to report the purchase, contributions, payments, or interest earned on Swiss annuities to any taxation authorities, either in Switzerland, or abroad.

About the company: A team of investment banking professionals with a special interest in vacation ownership, Swiss Alliance Group offers vacation owners a unique and stable investment option that is suitable for retirement planning. Working with some of the world’s most luxurious resorts, Swiss Alliance Group has succeeded in providing vacation owners with an innovative investment strategy using Swiss guaranteed deferred annuities.

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