About Swiss Alliance Group

Swiss Alliance Group helps clients grow their investments while creating beneficial partnerships with resorts and private residence clubs. With over 40 years of combined experience in Europe, the founders of Swiss Alliance Group have paved the way for vacation-property owners everywhere to take advantage of this innovative investment strategy. The Swiss insurance industry has had an untarnished reputation for safety and success since 1857. Of nearly 180 insurance companies in Switzerland, 24 deal primarily with annuities, but Swiss Alliance Group is the only one that specializes in customizing annuities to meet the needs of vacation-property owners. The company’s innovative approach, fueled by a team with expertise in vacation ownership and investment banking, benefits clients and partner resorts.

Swiss Alliance Group personalizes each contract for the client, and focuses on creating forward-thinking, long-term investments that can benefit client and company alike. The company also brings to its work decades of experience with resorts. In the competitive market of high-end resorts, the added value of an annuity draws important business for the group’s partners. A deferred annuity provides a risk-free financial investment for clients. Partner resorts have reported that clients’ confidence with their investments encourages them to commit to ownership, which increases the value of the properties.

The group’s team of experts creates excellent investment opportunities for clients and mutually beneficial partnerships with resorts. Dan Sauer, the Director of Latin American Operations, previously worked in Senior Sales Management for leading international brands including Paradise Village Resort Suites & Spa in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, and Hotel Velas Vallarta Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He also is the Founder and CEO of Travel and Vacation Expo, and has 15 years of experience with the trade-show industry. His background as a business owner, along with his expertise in vacation ownership and sales, makes him a skillful leader for the Latin American division.

Across all of its divisions, Swiss Alliance Group has become the leading provider of guaranteed investments to vacation-property owners in the most high-quality, exotic, and prestigious resorts.


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