Vacation Ownership Annuity Company Partners With Resorts

Swiss Alliance Group offers deferred annuity plans tied to investment in vacation properties and backed by the Swiss national system of insurance companies. Each customer who invests can access vacation accommodations in a variety of countries while maintaining the security of his or her investment, and then collect a lump sum in payment when the annuity matures.

The company has created direct partnerships with leading luxury resorts around the world, benefitting both customers who commit to long-term vacation ownership and resort partners. This innovative, synergistic relationship affords resorts the opportunity to enhance cash flow and, correspondingly, to continue upgrading amenities packages. By increasing the value of customers’ investments, the program enables them to more easily maintain an optimal payment schedule.

Resorts that partner with Swiss Alliance Group in this plan do not take on any additional responsibilities, since the company’s in-house professionals oversee all the details of finances and customer care. The company works to provide its customers and its resort partners with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their investments remain secure.

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